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It happens the same way,week after week. The hours turn into day after day. Sometimes, you wonder if your workday will ever end. You drive home in rush hour traffic to another night of Hungry Man dinners and ESPN. As your head hits the pillow, you're thinking of all the work that you have piled up at the office. Falling deeper into slumber, your mind goes to your fantasies...that sexy, brunette secretary with the gorgeous eyes and perfect rack. Her clothes cling to her body like she's a human version of Jessica Rabbit! As she slinks toward your office, the boner in your trousers is completely obvious. You cannot hide it. She enters your office and closes the door behind her. With a sheepish grin, you rise from your desk, trying to hide the growing bulge. To your surprise, she kisses you deeply on the mouth, pushing you back into the desk chair! Just as she is about to give you the blowjob of your life in your office...the alarm rings! Why not let me be your sexy alarm? Who needs little Ben, when I can whisper an erotic wake up call in your ear? Satisfy your morning wood with the perfect sensual send-off. Once you have me cooing in your ear, you won't need that morning coffee! Get your aural fix for the day so it's easy to concentrate at work. The guys at work will want to know why you're in such a good mood. If you want to get them thinking...tell them, you had one helluva SEXY wake-up call!



Wake Up Sexy - Phone Sex Wake Up Calls (800) 601-6975


Reasons to try Wake Up Sexy Services

by Ms. Constance of www.wakeupsexy.com

Have you ever thought of arranging your very own Wake Up Sexy phone sex wake up call? There are not many of us who are true lovers of the morning. Be that as it may, imagine how much you would love mornings, if you had a hot date planned first thing! I bet you would enjoy the morning so much more, once you heard a sexy voice on the other end of your phone.   In that case, you’d even look forward to them.

Wake Up Sexy: Morning Wood


Here is a great reason to try Wake Up Sexy. Without fail, you are the guy who wakes up every single morning rock hard and horny as hell. And while this may be true, your daily routine of waking up and jacking off is just getting old.

Under these circumstances, find a sexy lady you enjoy!  Set up a Sexy Wake Up call and spice up the boring morning jack off sessions.

Stressful Day Ahead


We all have days that we know are going to be tough. In light of that, why not try some stress relief before you even have to leave the house?

Get a good night’s sleep and wake up to the voice of a sexy woman cooing in your ear that it is time to wake up. Let her help ease some of your stress by waking you up in a very sexy way.

Sexy Alarm Clock


Set your morning wake up phone sex call in advance and let a sexy lady be your new alarm clock. Why get jarred out of sleep when all you have to do is answer your phone and hear the sexy sounds of a gorgeous woman on the other line?

Imagine how great it would be to no longer want to get a few more minutes of sleep, but instead look forward to getting up every morning because you have a sexy alarm clock starting your day off right.

Start the Day Edging


You can also wake up to a hot session of horny edging.   Imagine Mistress guiding you to those first several edges of the day. So as to start your horny day off right.

Following her instructions from morning till night is a hot way to spice up your day and fill you with anticipation.

Your Day will be Great


There is nothing better than having an explosive orgasm in the morning to get your day started off right. To say nothing of that special spring in your step to keep you going through the daily grind.

In effect, you can wake up to a sexy voice.  Straightaway, have a hot phone sex session until you enjoy an explosive orgasm.  And then walk through the rest of your day feeling fulfilled, satisfied and happy. Of course, everyone will want to know just why you have that silly smile on your face.

Set up a Wake Up Sexy Call


Now that you have heard the benefits of a Wake Up Sexy session, set up your wake up calls with your favorite lady!  Be sure to discuss with her just how you would like to wake up sexy.   Thereafter, start your days in a very sexy and erotic way.   Get ready to have the best days ever!

Call today to arrange a Sexy Wake-Up Call with one of our Phone Sex Wake Up Call Mistresses.