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Morning wood should never go to waste.


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That alarm clock again! From a sound sleep, it jolts you awake. But it's never a gentle awakening. No, you're always yanked from peaceful slumber and thrust into the world again. And it's always the same. You're expected to pull yourself from the comfort of your bed, the warmth of your blankets and now leave your home to join the hustle bustle that you know all too well. That alarm triggers more than a wake-up. It's officially the end of luxurious rest and yet another roller coaster of work, stress, demands and people. And it can feel never-ending, this continuous responsibility, this rude awakening every morning. It can deplete you in more ways than one, the monotony of it all. But what if I told you that it didn't have to be this way? Yes, you still have to get up in the morning. Your job and responsibilities are still there. But how would it change your day if you could wake-up sexy? How would it change everything? Instead of a shrill alarm, one single phone call would bring my sultry, honey voice to you. Maybe you want to alleviate that morning erection? I'm there. You might just want a little sweetness when you open your eyes, and who could blame you? I would love to be your gentle, easy welcome to the day. And who knows how would it change things? Maybe a little spring in your step, a smile as you drive to work? I know you're going to love waking up!




Wake Up Sexy - Phone Sex Wake Up Calls (800) 601-6975


What’s your wake up fantasy?


What is your wake up fantasy? If you hate mornings, then waking up might be the hardest, most difficult part of your day. Ditch your usual morning routine. Instead, replace the buzzing alarm clock with the sexy voice of a phone sex Mistress. With a phone sex wake up call, you can seamlessly go from dreaming to fantasizing. Let’s delve right into your hottest wake up fantasies.

Imagine yourself waking up to a sexy woman dressed to the hilt with silky stockings and stiletto pumps. Why is she there? Is she the insatiable cocktease waking you up for an edging session? Or is she the sexy Masturbatrix that takes advantage of your morning wood? Our fantasy scenario can begin the moment you wake up to my sexy voice, so let’s start the day off right.

Start the day with a tease.


I love the thought of your cock pulsing all day as you reminisce about our wake up call. An edging session in the morning will make your cock throb all day long. Imagine being brought to the brink of orgasm before the day has even properly started…and then told you’re not allowed to cum until bedtime!

Tease and denial phone sex in the morning will keep you deliciously distracted throughout the day.  More importantly, it’ll make your end-of-the-day orgasm much more powerful! I love controlling your cock, and there’s no better time to start than as early as possible! Turn your wake up call into a guided masturbation session, and enjoy the wicked sexual frustration of having to wait all day for that hot release!

Try a morning mindfuck.


If you love the idea of a psychological domination phone session, a morning mindfuck is perfect for you. I love getting into your mind, and the morning is a perfect time to do so. When you’re freshly awake, your mind is clear, open, and susceptible to the sexy ideas I want to plant inside of it.

For example, you might be given a mantra or affirmation to repeat all day long, sinking the idea deep into the recesses of your mind. I’ll permeate deep into your mind, and you won’t forget it all day. If madness is born of repetition, then you’ll be insanely horny after an entire day of replaying what I told you. Your mind belongs to your Mistress, and you will give it to her during your morning wake up call.

Submit to your Mistress at the start of your day.


If you’re a devoted subbie who seeks to demonstrate his submission, a wake up call is a great way to do it. When you choose to start your day with your phone Mistress, you’re dedicating your entire day to her. From morning to night, you are mine. For those who crave a long distance domination relationship, a phone sex wake up call is a hot way to give up control. You will be given special instructions for the day, and you will feel my control despite our physical distance.

Are you ready to begin? Then set up a morning call and prepare to wake up sexy.