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Wake Up Sexy Phone Sex Erotica


Ms. Marlena discusses why you need a wake up call from a strict, humiliation Mistress in strict humiliation wakeup calls.

Ms. Sophia discusses sexy wakeup calls and why they are so healthy. Read all about it in Sexy Wakeup Calls Are Healthy.

Ms. Delia discusses waking up sexy with morning wood in What are We Going to do with that Morning Wood?

Ms. Piper discusses why you should ditch your alarm clock and wake up with the sexy mistresses of LDW.


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No matter what your fantasy, a phone sex wake up call is a hot, steamy way to start your day. How could it be anything but a good day when the first thing you hear is a sexy Mistress purring in your ear telling you it’s time to get up? You can arouse slowly as she spins a sexy story for you or you can hit the ground running, stroking hard and fast as she guides you in masturbation or any variation in between.

Waking up to some sexy phone fun is far more exciting and enjoyable than listening to that blasted alarm clock blaring, rudely rousting you from your sleep. Why not have your own sexy wake-up call every single day? It has to be a good day starting out with a sexy, gentle “get up”, doesn’t it?

Take a look at the bios of each of our sexy Mistresses and listen to their voice samples to see whose voice you’d like to hear in your ear right as you wake up, then give us a call to arrange your very own, personalized wake-up call.