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It's Time to Wake Up, Sexy!

by Ms. Meredith of www.thesexytruth.com

Wake up and smell the coffee! Actually, something sexy is brewing and I am here to share that sweet aroma with you. I am going to share my secret with you on how to have a wonderful, productive day.

It all starts with a stroke

Yes, I said stroke! I believe the best way to wake up sexy is to listen to your body and turn off that pesky alarm clock. There is nothing alarming about mornings when you begin them by pleasuring yourself! Arousing yourself from a sexy dream, you are already ready to do what needs to be done!

I think it adds a really sexy dimension if you have a sexy voice purring in your ear as you start to awaken, and I have a feeling you will respond accordingly when you hear that voice first thing.

It will arouse the senses and tell your body to respond.

A sexy voice in your ear, telling you to touch that rock hard cock that is protruding from under the covers is one of the best ways to wake up sexy! I mean, why waste a perfectly good hard on? you have been given permission to touch it, so what are you waiting for?

A good stroking session before you jump out of bed and join the rat race and the daily grind will keep your thoughts clear and your focus sharp. Instead of being frustrated from heavy blue balls and a cock that is begging for attention, you can concentrate on work, family, friends and just be more at ease.

Take the edge off

you know first hand that an orgasm does exactly that! So why not give yourself some extra time before you start your morning routine, and make this part of your new routine? Just lie back and listen to the sensual sound of sex. Take your hand and grab the lube as you get you and your cock ready to face the day.

Just imagine: you are all warm and comfy in your bed. The sheets wrapped around you just right. you are all sprawled out and totally relaxed and well rested. Well, most of your body, that is. The natural rhythm of the night has caused some body parts to awaken before the rest of your body catches up.

Don't ignore it

No! If you do, you know you will be distracted and cranky, not to mention out of sorts all day. Why do that when you can wake up sexy and set the tone for the rest of your day?

It's a good tone, too. Its positive, and makes you feel incredible! you will walk down the street with an air of confidence and a huge smile on your face.

Take my advice

Start your day out right by pleasing yourself and waking up sexy. When you wake up sexy, it lasts and lasts and lasts all day long. So tomorrow morning, before you jump out of that warm comfortable bed, take the time to enjoy yourself. you will thank yourself the rest of the day!

Morning Wake Up Calls: Waking Up with Phone Sex

A lot of people are not morning people, but a lot of men love a hot phone sex call! The best way to remedy the morning blahs is to arrange to be woken up by a hot, sexy voice calling you on the phone and initiating an early morning phone sex call. Why is it beneficial to start your day with a phone sex call instead of an alarm clock?

Let's face it, an alarm clock can be loud and obnoxious and not sexy at all! Especially if it has woken you from a very hot dream with a beautiful woman having her way with you. It's not a very good way to start the day, and there are other ways to start your day in a more erotic way through a phone sex call!

How can you arrange a wake up phone sex call? Make sure you select the woman of your choice from our sites and see if she is available to take your phone sex calls, and arrange for her to call you back. You can call into dispatch and pay for your call in advance so you can have your sexy phone sex call in the morning! You can have as many wake up calls through the week as you want, and make sure to tell your favorite, sexy wake-up girl what your fantasy is, and what is the best way you love to wake up!

Please contact our Mistresses, or call into our helpful dispatchers at 800-356-6169 who will help you get set up with early morning phone sex calls!



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