Strict Humiliation to Start your Day



Some people need coffee, and others need the verbal whipping of strict humiliation instead.

If you’re not a morning person, you likely dread the abrasive buzzing of the alarm clock. Waking up to the same harsh, blaring noise can get dull and aggravating. Consider changing your routine and scheduling a phone sex wake up call for some strict humiliation first thing in the morning! It’s not always easy to get out of bed, but I think stringent, stern orders from your phone sex Mistress might be able to motivate you to do it!

Verbal humiliation is satisfying at any point in the day, but starting your day with a tongue lashing is a special treat. When I rattle off your long list of inadequacies early in the morning, you won’t be able to forget them all day long. It’s exciting for me to know that you’ll recount my scathing words throughout the entire day.

Start Your Day in the Right Frame of Mind

Starting your day with a wake up call from your favorite humiliation Mistress is a perfect way to infuse your morning with a special kind of energy. I suspect you would be quick to rise if you heard, “Wake up, bitch boy!” first thing in the morning.

If you enjoy mixing kink with your day to day activities, a phone sex wake up call is a useful way to start the day in the right frame of mind. Kink is largely about having the right mental state, so some morning humiliation might be precisely what you need to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of subspace (psychological state of mind of submissive BDSM participants) all day long.



Wake Up to the Strict Humiliation of Punishment or Reward

If you’ve been a good, obedient boy, you might deserve a reward when you wake up. And what greater treat is there than my velvety voice purring into your ear early in the morning? We can start with some slow guided masturbation, or we can delve deeply into a hot Femdom role play scenario! Sounds much better than the usual shrill alarm, doesn’t it?

Of course, as a strict, stern Mistress, I’m not often in a very rewarding mood. More likely, you might earn yourself a punishment simply by scheduling a wake up call. A merciless verbal humiliation phone session will wake you right up. If you need an extra jolt to your morning, we can even incorporate some early morning impact play. A few firm, swift smacks to your behind will make sure that you’re bright and alert in the morning!



Waking Up Is a Bitch, and I Am, Too

I love being a cruel, silver-tongued Humiliatrix, and I feel uniquely satisfied by ridiculing and demeaning submissive men. If you’re ready to be my verbal punching bag in the morning, schedule a call. I’ll help you get out of bed, but I can’t promise that I’ll do it cheerfully! Whatever happens, it’ll be a phone sex wake up call you’ll never forget!

Are you ready for a new wake up experience?



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