Waking Up Sexy With the Mistresses of LDW


So the alarm goes off early in the morning, and after you hit the snooze button, you lay in bed with your morning wood tenting the sheets. You’re all alone with no one to help you out of your predicament. You could rub out a quick one, grab a tissue from the bedside table, and get on with your day–but doesn’t that get a little boring after a while?

Wouldn’t a femdom wake up call be the perfect way to start your day? After all, you can’t help waking up with a hard on, but you can help settling for a quick little solitary jerk off day after day.


Morning Erections are a Fact of Life


Did you know all men, as long as they are not suffering from erectile dysfunction, get nighttime and morning erections? You probably started doing this before you were even born! It has to do with your dream cycle. When you enter REM sleep, your cock will get hard. You’ll more than likely get hard several times a night, and you may stay hard for half an hour at a time!

Some experts say this is your body’s way of keeping your penis healthy. When your penis is hard, your junk is engorged, which oxygenates the tissue. This may actually help guard against erectile dysfunction.

That’s all well and good, but the fact that your morning erection is healthy is cold comfort when you’re horny and alone with only your hand to keep you company. This is when a phone sex wake up call really comes in handy (no pun intended).


Sexy, Seductive Wake Up Call


Consider this: instead of an annoying alarm clock buzz waking you up, your phone rings. You roll over, barely awake, pick up the phone, and hear a most seductive voice coaxing you out of sleep. Is it a dream, or just the sexiest wake-up call you’ve ever received?

Your cock is already rock hard, begging for attention, and your phone sex mistress instructs you to gently stroke it. What kinds of erotic things will you and your mistress discuss? Well, why don’t you pick up where that naughty dream left off?

A phone sex wake up call is the perfect way to treat yourself at the end of a long week. You’ve worked hard, put in those long hours, have taken care of everyone but yourself. Let your favorite LDW Enchantrix take care of you; we know how to put the spring back in your step.

Have the Monday morning blues? We’ll keep your mind off that work week looming ahead. You’ll barely even notice the week has started if you are preoccupied with the dirty things whispered in your ear during your sexy wake up call. Monday blues are no match for an erotic phone sex mistress! Let her chase them away with a new erotic roleplay.


Don’t that Hard-On Get You Down


When you’re in that half-awake, half-asleep state, what is better than floating along with your mistress, encouraged to stroke your cock? Just be careful though, with your mind wide open and while you’re floating along in a half-dream state, you might get talked into all kinds of naughty fetishes!

You can’t help waking up with morning wood, but don’t let that hard-on get you down. Why don’t you wake up sexy with the mistresses here at LDW?