What Are We Going To Do With That Morning Wood?


by Ms. Delia of www.wakeupsexy.com


Every morning, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? You wake up with a hard-on. Well, just what are you going to do with it? Oh, it’d be great if you had a sexy hot lady lying next to you. You could just roll over, put your moves on her and get off that way. But you don’t, do you? No, you don’t. So, there you are, tromping off to the shower to wank it, to get your day started. There is another way, though! Wake Up Sexy and call one of the hot ladies here at LDW!


First Things First

Tell me, you horny slut, what has gotten you in such a state? Why do you wake up every morning with a hard, throbbing cock? Did you have dreams? Were you dreaming about that sexy secretary at work, the one who just won’t even give you the time of day? You’d like to just bend her over the desk and show her what a man you really are, wouldn’t you?

Or did you dream about kneeling naked in front of a cockteasing bitch like me, dick in your hand, waiting for her to tell you how to stroke, when to stroke, and waiting desperately for her permission to get your rocks off? Maybe you were dreaming about those panties and bras you keep hidden away, sliding them on and rubbing your sissy clit until it squirted. I want to know just what it is that got you all aroused this morning, so I can make sure you start the day off right.


When You Wake Up Sexy, I Want You Sexy All Day

Once you’ve confessed to me just what it is that caused your morning wood, then we can get down to making sure your day is a sexy one. Come on, I told you I was a cockteasing bitch! Did you think I was just going to let you stroke and get off? If you were going to do that, you could have humiliated yourself in the shower. Oh, no, my horny early riser, I’m going to tease and torment you this morning. I will deny you, and make you think about me all day long. I hope it doesn’t interfere with your work!

Maybe, when you get home, if you give me a call, maybe then, after you’ve told me how horny you’ve been all day long, maybe then, I’ll tease you for a bit, and then let you cum. Then again, I know just what is guaranteed to leave you feeling horny all day – but give you just a tiny bit of relief. Maybe what we’ll do this morning is ruin your orgasm! Take you just over the edge -then hands off and let that jizz that’s been building up all night long just drip out. If you’re good, maybe we’ll empty those balls before you go to bed tonight.

When you Wake Up Sexy, give us a call. We’ll make sure you stay horny and sexy all day!

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